Ultimate Ayurvedic Rejuvenation!


Ultimate Ayurvedic Rejuvenation!


Ayurvedic massages are the best for resolving chronic pain in the back or knee area. Ananta Ayurveda provides you with the best ayurvedic procedures, such as Kati Vasti, Geera Vasti, and Janu Vasti. All these three therapies are performed differently to relieve pain.  


Kati Vasti is best for lumbar pain. In this therapy, massages are done with warm oil, which helps to relax muscles. These oils have anti-inflammatory properties that reduce swelling in the tissues around the spine. It helps relieve tightness and stiffness in the muscles, which efficiently promotes body movement. It is also best for post-recovery from any surgery as it increases blood flow circulation in the body. 


Another therapy at Ananta Ayurveda is Geera Vasti, which helps treat osteoporosis and which stimulates pain in the cervical region. It helps in nourishing the muscle tissues and bones to improve flexibility. Massaging the area around your shoulders and neck makes you feel relaxed.  


Knee joint pain is common. The third therapy, Janu Vasti, is chosen to relieve pain in the knee joint. It also helps in treating ligament tears. Say goodbye to knee pain with us and improve the body’s movements. It also helps in lubricating and enhancing blood circulation in the lower part of the body. 


Choose us when any of the therapies are needed. Consult our physiotherapist to know more about the therapies and their benefits. You can visit us to experience soothing full-body massages with herbal ayurvedic oils to refresh you. 


Rejuvenate & Renew with Abhyanga Therapy

Abhyanga Massage Therapy is one of the most well-loved treatments offered under Ayurveda. It helps in the rejuvenation process of the whole body. This massage is done in the direction of the blood vessels with the help of warm oil. More often than not, the whole body is covered with oil – from the top of your head to the tips of your toes.


There are numerous health benefits to receiving this massage if one also follows the routine intake of Ayurvedic herbs alongside. From bloatedness to general body fatigue, Abhyanga Therapy provides relief for various aspects of our bodily concerns. This massage provides immense solace to any individual with chronic pain, as it works on strained muscles. The warm oil releases the tension stored in the muscles. The usage of oil is central to Abhyanga – in order to facilitate the best results possible.


Abhyanga also releases our body’s natural painkillers, endorphins, which aid in fighting any sore spots. This massage procedure also helps prepare one’s body for detoxification. It also helps in fending off any and all cravings from one’s body and mind. After going through this therapy, the body’s natural cravings are reduced significantly.


Ananta Ayurveda provides a thorough and professional service of Abhyanga massage. We also recommend Ayurvedic herbs on a case-by-case basis, as per your body’s requirements. Book your session with Ananta Ayurveda today to revitalize your body!


Kaushalaya Ji’s Recovery: The Power of Ayurvedic Care and Love

Ayurvedic practices are best for the recoveries from major surgeries. Our body has lost a lot of vitamins and essentials which makes our body weak and causes body ache. Ayurvedic massages can help you relieve pain and help in better circulation of the blood in the body. 


In this video, patient Kaushalaya Ji has suffered from a massive stroke, which results in the left side of the body being paralyzed. This experience causes immense knee pain and suffering from rheumatoid. Joint pain is causing difficulty in performing daily activities. The daughter of Kaushalaya Ji is giving her feedback on how the doctors at Ananta Ayurveda have provided them with complete support and care. She talks about the consultation process and the different aspects of ayurvedic treatments, including full body massage, that helped her mother in recovery. The treatments have effectively shown the results and improved the movements of the body. They have been performing these treatments for six weeks and are continuing to do so. The happiness on the face of the patient is proof of how Ayurvedic practices have relieved them of pain and immense suffering.


Recovering from a surgery can be difficult for someone but Ananta Ayurveda has complete guidance and support you need during the recovery. The teams at Ananta Ayurveda will design a personalized treatment for you to get better! 


Experience the Rejuvenating Ayurvedic Facial

Ayurvedic beauty treatments are based on holistic approaches to the ancient Indian practices. The technique to get radiant and healthy skin is comprehensively mentioned in the ayurveda. Ananta Ayurveda unfolds all the Ayurvedic secrets and helps you get Rejuvenating skin.  

Ayurvedic beauty treatments do not just include facial massages. It exclusively has hand and foot massages, which help to relax the body. It also balances the doshas, which symbolize the vital energies of the body. It includes massages with herbal oils that nourish the skin to its depth, making it glow and soft. It also includes ubtan to revive the shine of the body. You can also get a complete body massage to feel calm. Our Beauty treatments include natural ingredients like neem, turmeric, and sandalwood for beauty therapies. These therapies enable you to experience inner wellness. We provide you with the best methods and extreme care, which convinces you to visit again.   


Our hands come in contact with chemicals mostly as we use harsh handwashes or sanitisers, which causes breakouts on the skin. So, our ayurvedic massages with warm herbal oils provide the necessary nourishment to relish cells in the body. Ayurvedic massages not only exfoliate the outer skin but are also profoundly effective for skin health. You can also experience the soothing massages at our centre. 


Healing and Relief Through Ayurveda: Ananta Ayurveda Success Story

Ananta Ayurveda is the leading Ayurvedic centre and has helped many people find relief from different medical conditions and help them both mentally and physically. One such patient we helped is Euegene. He suffered from various health conditions but started to notice differences with the effective medications and therapy provided by our expert ayurvedic practitioner, Anjli.

Our patient suffered from digestion issues, had various injuries on the body and wanted to find relief. He tried several places but could not get relief from his condition. His partner, who also received services and treatment from Ananta Ayurveda, recommended that he consult our specialist, Anjli, and opt for treatment at Ananta Ayurveda. 

Our patient visited the clinic and consulted with the specialist about the issues he was experiencing and dealing with. After consultation and analysis, he was recommended some medications and massage therapies. Since then, he has taken 2 Abhyanga massage sessions and is continuing his medicines. He started to notice the difference within a week of treatment. He needs to continue the treatment to fully recover from his issues. 

The patient said that he noticed a great difference in his condition and is experiencing relief. He is dedicated to continuing the treatment as his issues are resolved. He thoroughly enjoyed the Abhyanga massage as it is very relaxing and fills him with energy. He said Ananta Ayurveda provides the best massage. It helped him relax and feel at ease and peace. He has a certain fluid intolerance, which is also improving with the medication. He is dedicated to fully recovering and healing with the help of Ayurveda. 

Ananta Ayurveda can help you find relief from your issues as well and provide you with the best medicines and therapies. Our treatments are safe and effective. If you are experiencing any issues and seek to improve with the help of Ayurveda, visit Ananta Ayurveda today!


Ananta Ayurveda: Success story of Jimmy

Ananta Ayurveda offers different types of massages for your muscle-related issues, and treatment will help to reduce the pain and stress. Massage therapists use herbs-based oils for therapy. Abhyanga is a full body massage from head to toe with herb-based oil, and Siro Abhyanga is a similar therapy that includes shoulder, neck, and head. This therapy helps reduce stress and tiredness, improve skin health and the nervous system, increase blood circulation and more. 


In this video, Jimmy was the patient at the Ananta Ayurveda. He shares his experience in this video. He had treatments, including Abhyanga and Siro Abhyanga, as well as a head massage. Before treatment, Jimmy was tired and stressed. He was not able to sleep and did not relax. After the massage, he felt relaxed and more calm. Our calm environment offers patients an excellent experience during therapy. Our massage techniques help to reduce the body and improve overall well-being. 

Ananta Ayurveda: Success story of Jimmy If you are struggling with any kind of chronic pain and want to get relief from it, visit Ananta Ayurveda and get an Ayurvedic oil massage from our great and experienced massage therapist, who uses the best techniques and massage oils to make you feel relaxed and empowered to continue with your life journey again.


Successful Stories Of Clients At Ananta Ayurveda

Stress is a part of life that everyone goes through. However, keeping stress by your side for a long time can create an imbalance in the hormones of your body, which leads to several complications. 

Ayurveda is a source that can help you relieve stress and free your mind from conflicting thoughts, immersing yourself in a pool of peace and calm. Ayurveda has great effects on your body, changing the way you live your life. 


The video shares the experience of various clients who received Ayurvedic treatments for their health problems at Ananta Ayurveda. Clients who were dealing with several conditions, such as deprivation from sleep, stiffness in the body, allergic reactions or inability to be free from complicated thoughts, approached our Ayurvedic healthcare facility and received a perfect treatment that solved all their issues and helped them improve their lifestyle. 

At Anatat Ayurveda, we use various natural herbs and massage techniques to help people heal their medical conditions. The natural touch brings them close to nature and satisfies their inner soul. With our effective and efficient Ayurvedic treatment, you can  experience the healing of nature with a personalised touch. Contact us today and say goodbye to stress and say hello to a peaceful mind.


Transform Your Health With Ananta Ayurveda: Juna’s Journey To Wellness

There are various health problems, and Ayurveda can treat them. Ananta Ayurveda is the best Ayurvedic centre in the UK. We have helped transform the lives of many people and help them get relief from their issues. One such of our patient is Juna. She had chronic sinusitis for the last 6 months and was in extreme pain, but just within 2 weeks of treatment, her problem was completely gone. 

Juna had chronic sinusitis, due to which she was in pain, extreme headaches, brain fog, and inflammation in the whole body. Since her first treatment she saw improvement in many things and within 2 weeks her sinusitis was completely gone. There was no headache, no cough, she had more energy due to which she felt more happier. She said her experience was life-changing and also improved her quality of life. 

She also underwent massage treatments, and her experience was amazing. She felt relaxed and more energised and recommended it to others. It is great to detox your body and feel rejuvenated. Furthermore, she was also given proper food and diet according to Ayurveda to help her heal from within. She was given ayurvedic supplements and knowledge about how the body works, as well as how food plays a crucial role in healing. 


Juna recommends Ananta Ayurveda and Anjali, stating that she has an amazing personality, is caring, and treats people as people and not just as a case. She focuses on healing and improving the person’s quality of life through her holistic approach. 

Juna had an amazing experience with us; you can be next. So, if you have any similar issues or want Ayurvedic treatment for your problem, visit Ananta Ayurveda and take the first step towards healthier living.

Ayurveda Menopause

All About Getting Rid of Menopause Using Ayurvedic Treatment Methods

The problem with people facing Menopause is most of them are unaware that they are facing Menopause. Secondly, almost everyone believes it’s a type of problem we should not discuss. The third issue is that normal medicines offer many side effects to treat this issue.

In this blog, we will talk about the all-natural ayurvedic management of Menopause.

If you are someone looking for ways to treat Menopause with the help of the best Ayurvedic Clinic in Cippenham, then you are at the right place.

What do you mean by Menopause?

 Menopause is a general and natural process in the bodies of both men and women. However, in Menopause, the sex drive of a man decreases, and various issues, such as erectile dysfunction, can take place.

And it’s said that a woman is at the stage of Menopause when they are able to pass 12 months without having a period.

Although it’s a natural process and takes place in everyone’s body, ayurveda has a different take on it. Ayurveda has divided our life into three different parts: the first 25 years as one part, the next 25 years as the second part, and the next 50 years in the third part.

Menopause takes place when a person moves from the age of 49 to 50 or more. Ayurveda believes that three doshas are making changes in our body, leading to the menopause stage.

Symptoms of Menopause

 There are a number of symptoms of Menopause, but some of the most common ones are as follows:

  • If you are able to notice cyclic changes such as irregular or heavy bleeding issues suddenly, then it’s a common symptom of Menopause.
  • When you have recently noticed that your skin, hair, and nails have started getting dry, it can be considered a symptom of Menopause.
  • If you notice unnatural weight gain or breast tenderness, it is also a severe symptom of Menopause.

Some other generic symptoms of Menopause are vaginal dryness, fluid retention, mood swings, joint pain, and inflammation.

Ayurvedic Treatment Methods For Menopause

 With the help of a few ayurvedic treatment methods and lifestyle changes, you can easily control the menopause state. Although if you think you can control it for your lifetime, then that’s not possible, as our body is built that way.

  • If you smoke and drink alcohol, you should eliminate these habits as these habits enhance your chances of facing Menopause before the generic age.
  • Make sure that you are taking a good amount of sleep daily, with the help of which you can give proper rest to your body. In addition, it will help you control Menopause.
  • As you grow, your physical activity decreases. In such a case, you should try to do some workouts daily.
  • Add medicated ghee to your diet, and you can manage Menopause easily.


Managing Menopause using all-natural ayurvedic treatment methods is easy; you just need to follow the right steps on time. To get the best ayurvedic treatment for Menopause and other such health issues, get in touch with Ananta Ayurveda right now.


Why is ayurvedic science most reliable? Why is it better than medical science?

Ayurveda is the natural kind of the medicinal holistic approach which is greatly recognised by the WHO. It does not treat diseases, rather it treats patients. According to the Ayurvedic Clinic in Cippenham, the ayurvedic approach is incomparable. In this blog, we shall be knowing why Ayurveda is a different kind of medicinal science.

  • It was developed before 5000 years back

Ayurvedic science offers the best medicinal approach that aims at treating the body from within and the root cause. This can be deemed as the probable reason why the people who have lost faith in the medical treatment visit the ayurvedic Doctor in Berkshire.

  • Ayurveda is a well-proven form of the medicine

As we have already discussed Ayurveda is the science that came into origin about 5000 years back. So we can now guess how time tested this medicinal practice is.

Did you know?

Earlier the surgeries were also being performed in ayurvedic science. But the Buddhists were instructed to end it up as it was deemed as a violent method of treatment.

Since then the ayurvedic practitioners started the research t being the non-invasive body healing ways in the account.

  • Ayurveda explains the true meaning of life

According to ayurvedic science, we can only enjoy life if we know how to keep the body, mind and spirit in the proper equation. Ayurveda is a science that understands what is life and advises on how we can maintain longevity and intense quality of life.

  • It helps you to know what to prevent

If we talk about the medical approach, then it only helps you to eradicate the symptoms of the disease and does not guarantee you long term health.

  • It aims at complete well being

The ayurvedic approaches always aim at administering the complete well being in the patients as they believe that whenever an individual is ill or is bothered with some condition then the associated organs are also affected. So complete well being is a must. Otherwise at the end of the treatment we can not say that the patient is completely healed.

  • Its disciplines are easy to follow

The ayurvedic approach to make the patient heal is not that difficult as the patient thinks. It is easy instead. Even patients feel that they are trying something new to learn when they are counting on the ayurvedic treatment.

  • It understands the functioning of the body in a distinctive way

Ayurveda has a completely different understanding of the body. And maybe, this is the most probable reason ayurvedic treatments show the effect on every patient’s body.

Final Comments!

The words may fall short, but the appreciation of 5000 old medicinal science will never end. There are so many benefits of Ayurveda. It is quite rare to hear any of its disadvantages or drawbacks. It may work slowly on the human body. But after all, slow and steady wins the race.