Ananta Ayurveda: Success story of Jimmy


Ananta Ayurveda offers different types of massages for your muscle-related issues, and treatment will help to reduce the pain and stress. Massage therapists use herbs-based oils for therapy. Abhyanga is a full body massage from head to toe with herb-based oil, and Siro Abhyanga is a similar therapy that includes shoulder, neck, and head. This therapy helps reduce stress and tiredness, improve skin health and the nervous system, increase blood circulation and more. 


In this video, Jimmy was the patient at the Ananta Ayurveda. He shares his experience in this video. He had treatments, including Abhyanga and Siro Abhyanga, as well as a head massage. Before treatment, Jimmy was tired and stressed. He was not able to sleep and did not relax. After the massage, he felt relaxed and more calm. Our calm environment offers patients an excellent experience during therapy. Our massage techniques help to reduce the body and improve overall well-being. 

Ananta Ayurveda: Success story of Jimmy If you are struggling with any kind of chronic pain and want to get relief from it, visit Ananta Ayurveda and get an Ayurvedic oil massage from our great and experienced massage therapist, who uses the best techniques and massage oils to make you feel relaxed and empowered to continue with your life journey again.