All About Getting Rid of Menopause Using Ayurvedic Treatment Methods

Ayurveda Menopause

All About Getting Rid of Menopause Using Ayurvedic Treatment Methods

The problem with people facing Menopause is most of them are unaware that they are facing Menopause. Secondly, almost everyone believes it’s a type of problem we should not discuss. The third issue is that normal medicines offer many side effects to treat this issue.

In this blog, we will talk about the all-natural ayurvedic management of Menopause.

If you are someone looking for ways to treat Menopause with the help of the best Ayurvedic Clinic in Cippenham, then you are at the right place.

What do you mean by Menopause?

 Menopause is a general and natural process in the bodies of both men and women. However, in Menopause, the sex drive of a man decreases, and various issues, such as erectile dysfunction, can take place.

And it’s said that a woman is at the stage of Menopause when they are able to pass 12 months without having a period.

Although it’s a natural process and takes place in everyone’s body, ayurveda has a different take on it. Ayurveda has divided our life into three different parts: the first 25 years as one part, the next 25 years as the second part, and the next 50 years in the third part.

Menopause takes place when a person moves from the age of 49 to 50 or more. Ayurveda believes that three doshas are making changes in our body, leading to the menopause stage.

Symptoms of Menopause

 There are a number of symptoms of Menopause, but some of the most common ones are as follows:

  • If you are able to notice cyclic changes such as irregular or heavy bleeding issues suddenly, then it’s a common symptom of Menopause.
  • When you have recently noticed that your skin, hair, and nails have started getting dry, it can be considered a symptom of Menopause.
  • If you notice unnatural weight gain or breast tenderness, it is also a severe symptom of Menopause.

Some other generic symptoms of Menopause are vaginal dryness, fluid retention, mood swings, joint pain, and inflammation.

Ayurvedic Treatment Methods For Menopause

 With the help of a few ayurvedic treatment methods and lifestyle changes, you can easily control the menopause state. Although if you think you can control it for your lifetime, then that’s not possible, as our body is built that way.

  • If you smoke and drink alcohol, you should eliminate these habits as these habits enhance your chances of facing Menopause before the generic age.
  • Make sure that you are taking a good amount of sleep daily, with the help of which you can give proper rest to your body. In addition, it will help you control Menopause.
  • As you grow, your physical activity decreases. In such a case, you should try to do some workouts daily.
  • Add medicated ghee to your diet, and you can manage Menopause easily.


Managing Menopause using all-natural ayurvedic treatment methods is easy; you just need to follow the right steps on time. To get the best ayurvedic treatment for Menopause and other such health issues, get in touch with Ananta Ayurveda right now.


Why is ayurvedic science most reliable? Why is it better than medical science?

Ayurveda is the natural kind of the medicinal holistic approach which is greatly recognised by the WHO. It does not treat diseases, rather it treats patients. According to the Ayurvedic Clinic in Cippenham, the ayurvedic approach is incomparable. In this blog, we shall be knowing why Ayurveda is a different kind of medicinal science.

  • It was developed before 5000 years back

Ayurvedic science offers the best medicinal approach that aims at treating the body from within and the root cause. This can be deemed as the probable reason why the people who have lost faith in the medical treatment visit the ayurvedic Doctor in Berkshire.

  • Ayurveda is a well-proven form of the medicine

As we have already discussed Ayurveda is the science that came into origin about 5000 years back. So we can now guess how time tested this medicinal practice is.

Did you know?

Earlier the surgeries were also being performed in ayurvedic science. But the Buddhists were instructed to end it up as it was deemed as a violent method of treatment.

Since then the ayurvedic practitioners started the research t being the non-invasive body healing ways in the account.

  • Ayurveda explains the true meaning of life

According to ayurvedic science, we can only enjoy life if we know how to keep the body, mind and spirit in the proper equation. Ayurveda is a science that understands what is life and advises on how we can maintain longevity and intense quality of life.

  • It helps you to know what to prevent

If we talk about the medical approach, then it only helps you to eradicate the symptoms of the disease and does not guarantee you long term health.

  • It aims at complete well being

The ayurvedic approaches always aim at administering the complete well being in the patients as they believe that whenever an individual is ill or is bothered with some condition then the associated organs are also affected. So complete well being is a must. Otherwise at the end of the treatment we can not say that the patient is completely healed.

  • Its disciplines are easy to follow

The ayurvedic approach to make the patient heal is not that difficult as the patient thinks. It is easy instead. Even patients feel that they are trying something new to learn when they are counting on the ayurvedic treatment.

  • It understands the functioning of the body in a distinctive way

Ayurveda has a completely different understanding of the body. And maybe, this is the most probable reason ayurvedic treatments show the effect on every patient’s body.

Final Comments!

The words may fall short, but the appreciation of 5000 old medicinal science will never end. There are so many benefits of Ayurveda. It is quite rare to hear any of its disadvantages or drawbacks. It may work slowly on the human body. But after all, slow and steady wins the race.


How Ayurveda defines the problem of constipation? How is it treated?

As we all know that constipation is the problem in which every part of the body seems to be suffering. The mind is not able to stick with the focus. This becomes the predominant problem for those who have to use their cognitive abilities at their workplace. This is the main reason that the parents of the school or college going students are worried about their bowel movements. According to the ayurvedic doctor in Berkshire, “ The problem of constipation should not come across for more than 1 day. If in case you are suffering from the prolonged constipation problem, then you have to immediately approach the ayurvedic Clinic in Cippenham.” 

Did you know?

Ayurvedic treatment for constipation is deemed as the best option as compared to medical treatment. Say no to medical treatment, if your stomach is not getting clear of the waste.

Ayurvedic Definition Of The Constipation 

In Ayurveda constipation is usually deemed as the sign of the Vata imbalance. 

How Can Constipation Treatment In The Rehabilitation Of Arthritis And Depression Bother Patients? 

Constipation is defined as the blockage of channels that leads to the accumulation of a huge quantity of waste products in the body. When this happens, then the body starts suffering from various kinds of problems like depression and arthritis. When the waste material is taken out from the body all the organs of the body get relaxed and this is why constipation treatment is deemed as the biggest relieving treatment.


It’s Not A Problem For The Large Intestine 

The preponderant function of the large intestine is to store the faecal matter for a certain amount of time. It never creates a problem for the large intestine when the faeces are there for a longer period. But it does surely tamper with the effective bowel movement which is why constipation is known to become a problem whose treatment is to be sought at the early stage. 


Problems Associated With The Bowel Movements 

When the bowel movement stops, then they start sending negative signals to the brain, immunity system and liver. 


Ayurvedic Names For The Constipation 

In Ayurveda constipation is known with the following names:

  • Vibandha
  • Vishtabdhata
  • Malabadhata
  • Baddavarchas
  • Stabdha Pureeshwara
  • Varcho Vibandha


Associated Dosha 

The Apana Vata is the kind of dosha that is responsible for causing the stool to get flown out of the body. In case the functionality of the Apna vat is affected to a considerable extent, then it will lead to the problem of constipation.


We Have The Solution To Your Problem!

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