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Ayurvedic Anxiety treatment in Cippenham
Management Of Anxiety With Ayurveda

What Is Anxiety?

A feeling of extreme fear, dread and uneasiness is known as anxiety. The condition results in a rapid heartbeat, making you sweat a lot as you end up feeling restless and tense. Anxiety may take place when you find yourself in a situation that is difficult for you to handle, such as a work problem or making an important decision. A little anxiety can help you to achieve your goals, but when it turns into an anxiety disorder, then you may require an anxiety treatment in Berkshire.


What Are Anxiety Disorders?

Anxiety disorders refer to conditions where the anxiety does not go away for a long time, and instead of giving a boost to your work, it affects your everyday tasks, making it harder for you to even get out of bed sometimes. Anxiety disorders get worse with time and make the body stiff, preventing the person from moving even an inch from their place. People suffering with anxiety disorders have an extreme fear of everything, which makes them go into panic every time even the slightest unusual thing takes place.

Symptoms And Causes Of Anxiety.


Stress affects the body in every way possible. Both our physical and mental health are highly impacted due to increased levels of stress that come along with various complications and symptoms. Some of the symptoms that a person might show due to anxiety are:

  • Feeling exhausted.
  • Minor panic attacks and sometimes major depending upon the impact of the situation.
  • Uneasiness and dizziness.
  • Agitation
  • Trouble sleeping or insomnia
  • Rapid heartbeat and chest pain.
  • Loss of petite.
  • The symptoms can get worse with time if not taken care of; however, Ayurvedic anxiety treatment in Cippenham can help to manage and prevent the symptoms from worsening.


  • Genetic Connection
  • Imbalance of hormones
  • Parental approach
  • Social issues
  • Medical condition
  • Pattern of behaviour.

Ayurvedic Treatment and Cure For Avoidance and Relief

You can opt for Ayurvedic Amenorrhea treatment in Cippenham for effective cure. Ayurvedic practitioners see amenorrhea as a problem that arises due to dosha imbalance. These plans involve changes in diet and lifestyle, herbal remedies and certain ayurveda treatments that boost reproductive health and restore hormonal balance.

What are the steps to control the occurrence of this disease?

Amenorrhea needs to be controlled to prevent fertility problems and other complications. You can control its occurrence by consuming a balanced diet, preventing excessive physical strain, stress management etc.


Management Of Anxiety With An Ayurvedic Treatment In Berkshire.

The treatment of anxiety with Ayurveda is preceded by its first step of recognizing the type as well as the cause of the anxiety disorder. The treatment for any type of anxiety disorder in Ayurveda focuses on a healthy lifestyle, ensuring that the individual is getting sufficient and good sleep, eating a healthy diet and following a proper regimen throughout the day. According to Ayurveda, implementing these changes in your life can contribute a lot to the reduction of anxiety and stress and lead to a decrease in the chances of panic attacks and anxiety attacks. Ayurveda uses herbs such as Ashwagandha, Bhrima, Bhringraj, Amla, Mandukaparni, etc. These herbs contribute to the management and reduction of anxiety and panic attacks and calm the mind and body. The herbs used in ayurvedic anxiety treatment in Cippenham help the body to get good sleep, energy boost and low cortisol levels. Some of the Ayurvedic practices that help to manage anxiety are as follows:

  • Abhyanga: It is a form of massage that is practised with the help of essential oils. The massage with essential oils helps to relax the mind and body.
  • Snehapana: This ayurvedic practice involves the intake of small sips of water every 45 minutes. The presence of ghee is checked in order to observe how well the digestion process is working. This practice also involves the consumption of a meal only when the hunger strikes.
  • Shirodhara:Under this practice, warm essential oils are used on the forehead, which helps to relax the body and relieve the body from exhaustion. It helps to manage and get relief from tiredness and relaxes the mind.
  • Shirobhyanga: It is a massage that goes from the head to the shoulders with the help of warm essential oils. When the body is stressed, it usually affects the area of the shoulder and above. A complete massage of oils helps to relieve stress and calms the body and mind.
  • Takradhara: It is a type of therapy that uses yoghurt or medicated buttermilk on the forehead. It can be used just on the forehead or the whole body. The therapy is effective for the management of lack of sleep, migraine, neuropathy as well as chronic headaches.
  • These are some of the ways used in an ayurvedic treatment in Berkshire to manage anxiety. Ayurveda is a natural healing process with very rare side effects. A person needs to let the ayurvedic practitioner know about any allergy, medical condition or medicine you are dealing with before they perform the treatment for anxiety.