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Ayurvedic Bronchitis treatment in Cippenham

The bronchial tubes present in our lungs act as a transportation medium for air in it. It plays a crucial role to maintain our overall health and well-being. These tubes develop inflammation due to various reasons known as bronchitis. This is one disease that causes various problems like incessant coughing, excess phlegm in the mucosal lining. These issues lead to pain and fatigue in the body. In this blog, we will shed light on the benefits of Ayurvedic Bronchitis treatment in Cippenham and how it can solve our overall body problems like digestion, vomiting, nausea, and frequent headaches.



Bronchitis is known as tamaka shwasa in sanskrit. As per ayurvedic practitioners, this disease happens due to vitiated kapha dosha and aggravated pitta.

    To counter them and balance them out, you can take these remedies given below:

  • Honey:Also called madhu in sanskrit, this sweet extract from bees has been used since ancient ages to rectify respiratory issues and breathing difficulty. It has a vast quantity of phytonutrients and expectorant properties. Mixing 2 teaspoons of honey in warm water and consuming it once daily will help in removal of mucus that are stuck in the bronchial tubes of lungs.
  • Amla: The Indian gooseberry, also known as amalaki in Sanskrit has a large amount of anti-allergic and antimicrobial compounds. They aid in thwarting lung infection. It fights off pathogenic bacteria present in the lungs to relieve you from bronchitis symptoms if consumed in the form of a tonic daily
  • Mustard Oil:It is called sarson ka tel in hindi and sarshapa tailam in Sanskrit. This oil is one of the best solutions to soothe inflamed lungs. You just have to mix it with a pinch of camphor and massage in circular motions gently on your chest. It releases the phlegm trapped in the airways and restores breathing functions
  • Garlic:This is a potent remedy which rectifies irritated and infected lungs. Also known as lehsun in hindi and rasona in Sanskrit, these cloves of spices have anti-inflammatory agents that improve the structure and function of pulmonary tissues to restore pulmonary health. Consuming it with milk will cure this problem.
  • Tulsi:it is a home remedy which has been used since ages. This leaf contains a wide amount of cooling bioactive components along with antimicrobial components to counter bronchitis. You just need to boil these leaves in warm water and distil the extracts. It will become a herbal drink which will provide relief from incessant coughing and headaches and relieves you from the signs of bronchitis.


Bronchitis has the worst symptoms that makes your daily life difficult. But with the help of people specialising in Bronchitis Treatment in Berkshire, you can get relief from this disease. For the best treatment and care, come to us and experience the finest ways to improve your overall health. You will get to explore the ancient methods used by our people to cure their health problems and live the best life possible without any troubles.