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Ayurvedic Hives treatment in Cippenham
What Are The Causes Of Hives?

Hives are a type of skin rash. It is very itchy, and as a result, it is an allergic reaction to food and something you have touched. There are two types of hives: acute and chronic.




Urticaria is another name for hives. Hives are bumps that are red and splotches on the skin's surface. It is a type of swelling of the surface of your skin and occurs when your body has an allergic reaction. Allergic reactions happen when your immune system gets in touch with an allergen and any infected cell. The allergens are a type of protein that is harmless for many people, and in sensitive people, it causes allergic reactions. Hives are of two types: acute and chronic. The practitioner of the Ananta Ayurveda is known for the Ayurvedic Hives treatment in Cippenham.

Types of Hives

  • Acute Hives: Another name for acute hives is acute Urticaria. It refers to hives which do not last very long. The life of acute hives is Less than six weeks.
  • Chronic hives: Chronic hives are also known as spontaneous urticaria. The chronic hives happen twice in week and for more than six weeks. It does not have any specific cause. The older name for this condition of hives is chronic idiopathic urticaria.
What Are The Reasons For Hives?

Causes for acute hives. Acute hives are allergic reactions. It occurs because of allergens present in something. You put on your body. For example, food, drink and therapies. Sometimes, you touch the infected and allergic surface. The immune cells, known as mast cells, go into the actions with the release of chemicals like histamine. It is the reason for the formation of hives. You can also get hives for a variety of other reasons. Some of these include having an infection, stress or physical pressure on your skin.

Cause for Chronic hives Allergies do not cause the same as acute hives or chronic hives. The reason for chronic hives is infection that occurs from bacteria and viruses. Another cause is medical conditions like Lupus. It can be idiopathic and spontaneous. Chronic hives do last for long periods but usually aren’t permanent. They can be uncomfortable, but they aren’t life-threatening.

Symptoms of hives

The symptoms are not the same, and the causes are not the same for both types of hives.

For acute hives:

  • Raised welts and bumps on the skin. These bumps are red.
  • Hives blanch.
  • Itchy skin.
  • Swelling under the skin.
  • Puffiness.
  • Swelling on the lips, eyes, and inside the throat can be painful.

For chronic hives:

  • Shift sized and the shape
  • It appears, disappears, and then reappears at least two times a week, and it stays on the skin for a long time.
  • Irritation during exercise.
  • Happens along with heat and stress.

Diagnosis for hives

First check the hives clinically. After the clinical checkup, they suggest an allergy test to identify the trigger and cause of hives. These allergy tests are helpful for finding the cause of acute hives. For the chronic hives, you have to get the blood and skin done.

  • Skin tests: During this test, practitioners test different allergens on your skin. If your skin turns red or swells, it means you’re allergic to that substance. This type of allergy test is also called a skin prick or scratch test. Skin testing usually isn’t done for chronic hives.
  • Blood tests: A blood test checks for specific antibodies in your blood. Your body makes antibodies to fight off allergies. If your body makes too many antibodies, you can develop hives and swelling.

Therapies of hives

Nowadays, people prefer ayurvedic therapies for every problem rather than chemical-based Therapies. At Ananta Ayurveda, you can consult with the best Ayurvedic practitioner for Hives treatment in Berkshire.