How does Ayurveda diagnose diseases? How does it aim at treating it?

Ayurvedic Skincare

How does Ayurveda diagnose diseases? How does it aim at treating it?

Whenever you are suffering from any adverse condition of the body, then instead of taking the medical treatment you should heavily rely on ayurvedic treatment. According to the ayurvedic doctor in Berkshire, “ Ayurveda is not only a treatment, rather it emerges as a lifestyle for those who are relying on its benefits.” Visiting an Ayurvedic Clinic in Cippenham is the best possible thing you can do as an alternative to reaching out for medical help. 

So in this article, you are going to get the view of what happens in the visit to the ayurvedic practitioner. 

Visit To An Ayurvedic Practitioner 

Visiting an ayurvedic practitioner does not only help you to get diagnosed with the root cause of the problem. You also get to relax the nerves of your mind as now you know that your problem is going to be hailed soon.

The visit to the ayurvedic practitioner is divided into the following stages: 

The Observation (Darshna)

The observation is known as darshan in Ayurveda. When you visit the ayurvedic practitioner, then first of all he will only have a glance at you so that he comes to know what is wrong with your body. 

For example: Sometimes it happens that you do not know that your eyes are getting yellowish. But nothing mischievous can be hidden from the eyes of the ayurvedic practitioner. 


The Touching (Sparsha)

Then the doctor will evaluate your condition by touching you. The touch is known as the sparsh in the Ayurveda.


For example, you have approached the doctor for stomach problems. Immediately after talking to you about the symptoms of the stomach problems, the doctor will touch your stomach to check out whether it is soft or hard. It will help the doctor to approach one step forward to know the root cause of the problem. 


The Questions (Prashna)

After the doctor has listened to you and physically examined you, then comes the turn of asking some questions to you. You are required to answer all the questions honestly. 


For example: If the doctor is asking you whether you take alcohol or smoke cigarettes if you do such things, then affirmably answer that. Do not answer just to build up your reputation in front of the doctor. 


Please Note!

For answering such questions, it requires that you be comfortable with the doctor as sometimes intimate issues are to be discussed. 


For example: if the couple is suffering from intimate problems and then the ayurvedic practitioner is supposed to be asking the various questions on intimacy, sex, and he may examine your private parts. 


How Does An Ayurvedic Practitioner Formulate A Treatment Plan? 

For the formulation of the treatment plan, the doctor, first of all, takes all the factors into account. The treatment involves a completely natural approach. Natural medications are being provided along with the therapies. The ayurvedic treatment does not have room for even a bit of the ayurvedic treatment.

Ayurvedic Skincare

Ayurvedic Skin Care Tips Based on Skin Types

To achieve healthy and glowing skin, Ayurveda, an ancient Indian health system, gives easy tips tailored to different skin types. You can personalize your skincare routine for dry, normal, oily, or combination skin by understanding Vata, Pitta, and Kapha Doshas principles. Suppose you’re looking for ayurvedic skin care treatment in Cippenham. In that case, these tips can help you on your journey to radiant skin.

Ayurvedic Skin Care Guide on Skin Types

Understanding your Ayurvedic skin type

Ayurveda divides people into three doshas: Vata, Pitta, and Kapha. Knowing your primary dosha helps you choose the right skincare approach.

Vata Dosha

If you have dry and thin skin that tends to be cold, you likely have a Vata skin type. To balance it, use warming oils like almond or sesame.

Pitta Dosha

Pitta-dominant skin is sensitive and can be both oily and dry. Choose cooling ingredients like aloe vera and cucumber, and avoid harsh chemicals.

Kapha Dosha

Kapha’s skin is oily and thick. Use cleansing herbs like neem and turmeric and light oils like jojoba to maintain balance.

Using Simple Home Remedies for Glowing and Radiant Skin

Harness the power of nature with simple home remedies like natural exfoliants and herbal oils for a glowing and radiant complexion.

Dry skin

For dry skin, visit the best Ayurvedic clinic in Cippenham and indulge in gentle exfoliation using chickpea flour and yoghurt to eliminate dead cells. Make it a routine to moisturize regularly with nourishing herbal oils such as coconut or almond to combat dryness and promote skin health.

Normal skin

Normal skin requires minimal care. Maintain its radiance by using simple herbal oils like coconut or jojoba.

Oily skin

Combat excess sebum production in oily skin using natural exfoliants like ground oatmeal and light and astringent oils such as grapeseed or sunflower oil.

Combination skin

Treat combination skin using aloe vera for oily areas and nourishing oils like sweet almond for dry spots.

How much time does it usually take to see the results of Ayurvedic treatment?

Want to know about the time taken to see the results of Ayurvedic treatment? Results vary, with some seeing improvements quickly and others needing consistent efforts over a few weeks for noticeable changes.

Exfoliate your skin using natural ingredients

Incorporate gentle exfoliants such as oatmeal, sandalwood, and chickpea flour into your skincare routine, following an Ayurvedic approach for optimal results. These natural ingredients effectively cleanse and rejuvenate the skin without irritating it. Embrace the holistic benefits of Ayurvedic skincare treatment in Cippenham to promote a radiant and healthy complexion.

Nourish your skin with herbal oils

Enhance moisture and blood circulation by massaging herbal oils like coconut, almond, or sesame onto your skin.

Use Kumkumadi Oil, Winsoria Oil, and Nalpamaradi Keram

Try Ayurvedic formulations like Kumkumadi Oil, Winsoria Oil, and Nalpamaradi Keram for skin concerns like pigmentation and uneven tone.

Internal Medication for healthy skin

Connect internal health to external appearance with herbal concoctions like Manjishtadi Kwath and Mahathikthaka Ghritham, purifying blood for clearer skin.

Simple Ayurvedic Tips for a Beautiful Appearance

Incorporate Ayurvedic tips for a Beautiful Appearance, like understanding your skin type and using herbal oils, into your daily routine for a beautiful appearance.


Ananta Ayurveda believes that skincare is a personalized journey that embraces the individuality of each skin type. By delving into Vata, Pitta, and Kapha principles and integrating natural remedies, our clinic guides you toward achieving a harmonious balance for radiant and healthy skin. Whether searching for Ayurvedic skincare treatment in Cippenham or exploring the best Ayurvedic clinic in Cippenham, our timeless practices offer a holistic approach to skincare, promoting overall well-being and simplicity.

Ayurvedic Skincare

Ayurvedic Beauty Tips That Make You Look Great

Ayurveda is a collection of knowledge that believes in “Beauty comes from the within & not from the outside.”

But still, there are several people who are continuously using all chemical-based products on their skin just to get glowing skin, while they can completely get rid of those products and use ayurvedic beauty tips that can help them feel and look good.

If you are someone who wants to cut off chemical beauty products from their life and opt for natural ways to enhance their beauty, then this post is for you. Here we are going to discuss everything about ayurvedic beauty tips that make you look great.

Ayurvedic Beauty Tips That Make You Look Great

 The best thing about using ayurvedic beauty tips that makes you look great is they are all natural and offer no side effects. While if you are using chemical-based beauty treatments, there is a high chance that you will have to face side effects and other such issues.

  • Your Dosha:

 You must be aware of the belief of ayurveda in your dosha. You can get in touch with your Ayurvedic doctor in Cippenham, with the help of which you can learn about your dosha.

Once you have figured it out, your ayurvedic beautification process will start, and you will be able to notice exceptional results.

By knowing your dosha, the ayurvedic practitioner will come to know about the ratio of all three doshas in your body, which can help you figure out what type of ayurvedic treatment will work best for you.

When you are dealing with ayurvedic beauty treatment methods, you will notice that they change as per the weather. Hence you would be able to get custom ayurvedic treatment.

  • Use Coconut Oil:

 People are spending a lot of money on moisturizers and other such products that keep their face moisturized, but what they are lacking behind is that they have one of the best moisturizers at their home already, and that is coconut oil.

With the help of coconut oil, you can easily moisturize your skin, and the best part is it offers way more skin health benefits as compared to your regular moisturizer.

In case you have an oily face, then you should use a chickpea flour mask on your face, with the help of which you can get rid of the excess oil.

  • Use Milk:

 If you are someone who faces inflammation issues on their skin, then you should use full-fat milk to treat your skin. To treat, you can use or apply milk or any milk-based facemask on your face, with the help of which you can get rid of the problems.

To apply, you just need to dip a small ball of cotton in raw milk and directly apply it on your face.


 Ayurvedic beauty tips are better, as they offer better results and no side effects. We hope you will use all the above-mentioned ways to enhance your skin health. If you are looking for Shirodhara treatment, then Anant Ayurveda is the best Ayurvedic clinic in Cippenham for you.