Why is ayurvedic science most reliable? Why is it better than medical science?


Why is ayurvedic science most reliable? Why is it better than medical science?

Ayurveda is the natural kind of the medicinal holistic approach which is greatly recognised by the WHO. It does not treat diseases, rather it treats patients. According to the Ayurvedic Clinic in Cippenham, the ayurvedic approach is incomparable. In this blog, we shall be knowing why Ayurveda is a different kind of medicinal science.

  • It was developed before 5000 years back

Ayurvedic science offers the best medicinal approach that aims at treating the body from within and the root cause. This can be deemed as the probable reason why the people who have lost faith in the medical treatment visit the ayurvedic Doctor in Berkshire.

  • Ayurveda is a well-proven form of the medicine

As we have already discussed Ayurveda is the science that came into origin about 5000 years back. So we can now guess how time tested this medicinal practice is.

Did you know?

Earlier the surgeries were also being performed in ayurvedic science. But the Buddhists were instructed to end it up as it was deemed as a violent method of treatment.

Since then the ayurvedic practitioners started the research t being the non-invasive body healing ways in the account.

  • Ayurveda explains the true meaning of life

According to ayurvedic science, we can only enjoy life if we know how to keep the body, mind and spirit in the proper equation. Ayurveda is a science that understands what is life and advises on how we can maintain longevity and intense quality of life.

  • It helps you to know what to prevent

If we talk about the medical approach, then it only helps you to eradicate the symptoms of the disease and does not guarantee you long term health.

  • It aims at complete well being

The ayurvedic approaches always aim at administering the complete well being in the patients as they believe that whenever an individual is ill or is bothered with some condition then the associated organs are also affected. So complete well being is a must. Otherwise at the end of the treatment we can not say that the patient is completely healed.

  • Its disciplines are easy to follow

The ayurvedic approach to make the patient heal is not that difficult as the patient thinks. It is easy instead. Even patients feel that they are trying something new to learn when they are counting on the ayurvedic treatment.

  • It understands the functioning of the body in a distinctive way

Ayurveda has a completely different understanding of the body. And maybe, this is the most probable reason ayurvedic treatments show the effect on every patient’s body.

Final Comments!

The words may fall short, but the appreciation of 5000 old medicinal science will never end. There are so many benefits of Ayurveda. It is quite rare to hear any of its disadvantages or drawbacks. It may work slowly on the human body. But after all, slow and steady wins the race.


Which are the 5 herbs that effectively treat Irritable Bowel syndrome?

According to the ayurvedic doctor in Cippenham, “ If an individual is persistently suffering from the following issues, then it indicates that they are suffering from the irritable bowel syndrome: 

  • Abdominal Pain 
  • Intestinal Spasms
  • Diarrhoea
  • Constipation 
  • Bloating 
  • Flatulence 
  • Indigestion”


Note: Whenever you notice the symptoms of irritable bowel syndrome, then it is suggested to immediately show up at the ayurvedic clinic in Cippenham


In today’s article, we are going to talk about 5 herbs that have been proven to provide instant relief from irritable bowel syndrome. 



This herb is super beneficial as it provides the following benefits: 

  • Pain Relief 
  • Comfort 


This herb has special anti-spasdamic properties that not only help to treat irritable bowel syndrome but also help to alleviate anxiety and stress. It does not only provide relaxation to the intestines but it also treats the following: 

  • Diarrhoea
  • Abdominal cramps
  • Dyspepsia
  • Flatulence 


Aloe Vera

The transparent gel which is acquired from the leaves of the aloe vera is one of the best remedies for Irritable Bowel Syndrome. The anti-inflammatory properties of the aloe vera juice are essential for effectively treating the following problems: 

  • Constipation 
  • Diarrhoea


Whichever intake way is convenient for you, go with that. Try to have the aloe vera juice by adding salt to it (if you are not a BP patient).



The pungent smell of the ginger can open your eyes if you are not feeling refreshed. The consumption of ginger provides great relief from gastrointestinal irritation. The stomach muscles are strengthened with ginger consumption. With ginger, the stomach acid gets prevented from getting back flown. 


Fennel Seeds

The fennel plant is greatly known for its carminative and superb anti-inflammatory properties. These have a perfectly distinct taste that provides great relief from indigestion. 


One great way: 

Soak the fennel seeds in the water. Drink the strained water. The regular intake of this will provide you ultimate relief. It is suggested to provide this water to your tiny tots regularly during the summers. 


Now you must be wondering, what about the winters? 

Then you can substitute the cumin seeds for the fennel. Cumin water is also known to intensify your appetite and treat irritable bowel syndrome. 



The Curcuma longa plant from which turmeric is obtained is known for providing antiseptic properties. No wonder why Indian mothers prefer to provide ‘Haldi-milk’ to their children. 

Did you know? 

If the pieces of the fresh turmeric are taken along with the jaggery or are added as a powder in some of the specific diets, then it helps to treat the IBS most effectively. 


Final Comments! 

How did you like our article today’s article? Did you find the information useful? 


If you want to know more such information, then keep on reading our articles. We shall try to make you acquainted with the best informative points in this regard.

Stress Management

Experience the Power of Kamini Vidrawan Ras to Rediscover Vitality.

People are suffering from different health-related issues because of various reasons; the leading cause of health issues are unhealthy diet plans and poor living styles. Renowned for its aphrodisiac and revitalizing qualities, Kamini Vidrawan Ras, sometimes written Kamini Vardhak Ras, is a classic Ayurvedic herbal concoction. 


What is the definition of the Kamini Vidrawan Ras? 

Kamini vidrawan Ras is a classic Ayurvedic medication composition. It is used for treating sexual problems in both men and women; however, its primary use is as an aphrodisiac. Typically, minerals, metals, and herbs are combined with other natural components in the composition of Kamini Vidrawan Ras. These ingredients are handled by Ayurvedic principles to optimize their medicinal effects. All the treatments are available at the best Ayurvedic Clinic in Cippenham. 


What are the ingredients used in Kamini vidrawan Ras? 

Although the precise contents of Kamini Vidrawan Ras may differ based on the producer or technique of production, the following are some frequent elements:

  • Swarna: Because of its capacity to foster vigor, gold is frequently used in Ayurvedic formulations due to its rejuvenating characteristics.
  • Due to its medicinal qualities, which include the capacity to improve reproductive health and vitality, silver is another metal frequently employed in Ayurvedic medicine.
  • Iron ash: Iron ash, or Lauh Bhasma, is a refined form of iron used in Ayurvedic medicine to cure several ailments, such as weakness and anemia.
  • Abhrak Bhasma: Made from mica, Abhraka Bhasma is thought to offer reviving and fortifying properties for the body.
  • Sulfur: Purified sulfur, or Shuddha Gandhak, is utilized in Ayurvedic treatment due to its antibacterial and detoxifying qualities.
  • Purified orpiment, also known as Shuddha Harital, is a mineral utilized in Ayurvedic formulations for sexual health since it is thought to have aphrodisiac qualities.
  • Purified Aconitum ferox, or Shuddha Vatsanabh, is a herb used in Ayurvedic medicine for its nervine tonic and aphrodisiac qualities.
  • Tin Ash, or Vanga Bhasma: Made from tin, Vanga Bhasma is thought to have revitalizing and sexual properties.
  • Purified arsenic trioxide, or Shuddha Hartala, is utilized in Ayurvedic medicine for its revitalizing and refreshing qualities.
  • Jaiphal: Known for its erotic qualities, nutmeg is a frequently used spice in Ayurveda.
  • Javitri: Known for its erotic and stimulating qualities, mace is the outer layer of the nutmeg seed and is utilized in Ayurvedic medicine.


Advantages of the Kamini vidrawan Ras. 

The following are some possible advantages of Kamini Vidrawan Ras:

  • Aphrodisiac Properties: The main benefit of Kamini Vidrawan Ras is that it has aphrodisiac properties that can assist both men and women feel more sexually attracted to each other.
  • Enhances Sexual Performance: It is thought that the combination will help with stamina and sexual function, which may help with problems like poor libido, early ejaculation, and erectile dysfunction.
  • Enhances Reproductive Health: By promoting the health and proper operation of both men’s and women’s reproductive organs, Kamini Vidrawan Ras may benefit reproductive health.
  • Boosts Vitality: It is thought that the components of Kamini Vidrawan Ras have therapeutic qualities that enhance general vitality and well-being.
  • Boosts Energy Levels: When utilizing Kamini Vidrawan Ras daily, some people may notice a rise in energy and vitality.
  • Stress Reduction: Because Kamini Vidrawan Ras may have relaxing and grounding effects on the body and mind, some may find that utilizing it improves their relaxation and lowers their stress. Stress treatment in Berkshire is available at the best clinics. 

Visit the Ananta Ayurveda because the practitioner provides reliable and effective treatment. Also, ayurvedic medicines do not have any side effects.