What Are Ayurvedic Tips And Remedies Used For Dental Care?


Practical ayurvedic tips that can Keep the dentist away

Some effective ayurvedic tips can keep the Dentis away, such as 

Chew neem twig 

Neem has antimicrobial properties. It helps to kill all mouth bacteria. Neem twig used for teeth helps reduce gum problems such as gingivitis. Neem is also known as an herbal ingredient. Neem also used for medicine. 

How to use: 

Pick a thick neem twig and peel it through. Chew after chewing. You see it like a brush. You can use it all around your teeth and gum.

Herbal mouth rinse

Mouth rinse to remove all bacterial and food particles in the mouth. Triphala and yashtimadhu decoction helps to maintain hygiene in the mouth. 

How to make decoction   

Triphala and yashtimadhu herbal ingredients boil in water till the water color changes and reduces by half of the amount. Rinse it when the decoction cools. 

Tongue scraper 

A tongue scraper helps to clean your tongue because the tongue is the cause of bad breath and produces bacteria.


A tongue scraper is a tool available in all stores. You can buy and  use it to clean the tongue. 

Oil pulling

oil pulling means bubbling oil in the mouth. It helps to remove all bacteria from the gum and teeth. Oil pulling helps to give strength to the mouth muscles.

How to use 

Coconut Oil rinse in the mouth for 15 to 20 minutes and split it 

Use herbal toothpaste

Using herbal toothpaste helps make your teeth strong and whiter. You use toothpaste that has natural ingredients such as clove, neem, Triphala, cinnamon, babool, etc.  

How to use 

Some companies make herbal toothpaste you can buy easily and use it.

Remedies for tooth and gum problems   

There are some remedies for solving tooth and gum issues, such as 

Tree tea oil

If you have a sensitivity problem in your teeth, use tree oil with a brush. It helps reduce these problems, and you can also use dental floss, add tea tree oil and use your teeth where your brush can’t reach. It helps to reduce infection and sensitivity.

Coconut oil or clove oil 

Suppose you have a gingivitis problem. Then you massage coconut oil into your gum. It helps to reduce gingivitis and cavities. 


You can use turmeric directly on your teeth if you swallow in your gum. It helps to reduce swallowing. 


Using cardamom helps to remove cavities in your teeth.

Cranberry juice

You can drink cranberry juice with meals when you suffer from sore problems and a burning sensation. It helps reduce irritation. 

Using ayurvedic remedies helps to remove the infection in your mouth and helps to make your smile healthy.

A dental clinic is a place where all equipment is available to treat your teeth. Dental clinics have many dentists who diagnose and provide treatment. If you have an infection on your teeth, you can go to a Dental Clinic. They treat your teeth professionally.