How Shirodhara treatment works, and what are its health benefits?

Shirodhara Therapy

Do you suffer from various severe health issues and cannot find the finest solution? In that case, you can seek help from an Ayurvedic Clinic in Cippenham that can help to resolve all your health problems naturally.

Ayurvedic clinics offer a wide range of treatments to solve a variety of health issues and disorders. One of the best and most effective treatments is Shirodhara Treatment.

How does Shirodhara treatment work?

Shirodhara is ayurvedic therapy in which herbal oil pours on the forehead. A person can feel the vibration due to the pressure of the oil. Oil helps to boost blood circulation. Shirodhara therapy is the most effective treatment to reduce stress hormone levels, like adrenaline and noradrenaline. The whole treatment of Shirodhara allows the mind and body to rest. The word Shirodhara combines two words, Shiro, called head, and Dhara, called flow. Shirodhara therapy provides exceptional results when done in the morning or evening.

What does Shirodhara mean?

Shirodhara is an ayurvedic technique of healing. Shirodhara has been very famous for many decades. It brings body, soul, and mind to a harmonious level. Shirodhara treatment designed in a special way that it can not only remove harmful toxins but also alleviate stress from the body.

Shirodhara treatment is also known as Shiro Sheka, Dhara, Shirashek, and Shirodhara.

Types of Shirodhara massage

In Shirodhara therapy, various types of herbal oil used to bring a calm sensation to the body and mind.

Thaila Dhara

In Thaila Dhara, oil, a mixture of various ayurvedic ingredients, is used.

Dugadha Dhara

In Dugadha Dhara therapy, milk is the main ingredient.

Takra Dhara

In Takra Dhara therapy, buttermilk works as the main ingredient.

Jala Dhara

In Jala Dhara therapy, coconut milk is the treatment’s main ingredient.

Shirodhara is very helpful for those people who have Vata and Pitta. Shirodhara helps to reduce stress, lower high blood pressure, and decrease hair loss.

Types of oils used in Shirodhara treatment

  • Triphaladi tailam
  • Chandani tailam
  • Narayana tailam
  • Ksheerabala tailam

Benefits of Shirodhara

Improve blood circulation

The oils used in Shirodhara treatment help in vasorelaxation of the blood vessels and improve blood circulation.

Better sleep quality

The Shirodhara treatment has an appeasing effect on the hypothalamus and improves pituitary gland activities to make sleep.

Reduce fatigue

Shirodhara therapy is very beneficial in removing fatigue and soothing the brain cells. In addition, Shirodhara therapy relieves stress and various other ill effects on the nervous system.

Improve concentration

Shirodhara therapy also helps to treat neurological disorders. In addition, Shirodhara therapy improves mental clarity and helps to decrease stress levels.


Shirodhara is a special ayurvedic treatment in which a variety of liquids, such as oil, milk, and buttermilk used. Shirodhara treatment generally targets the forehead, the body’s most sensitive area. Shirodhara mainly treats psychosomatic conditions like stress, depression, and mental illness.